An efficient and complete cheatsheet.

Face it : everyone can learn a music score by heart. I offer you the tools that you will use to forge your sound.

No sheet music, no tabs. You want to discover music theory to compose or improvise quickly ? Read what follows.

Our ingredients : notes and intervals on the guitar neck ;

Intervals are our basic ingredients : let’s discover where they are stored, before learning how to mix them to cook.

A simple recipe to learn chords ;

Chord dictionnaries are good, but who wants to learn a dictionnary ? The cookbook gives you a simple recipe to be able to find on your own any chord.

Scales and their modes ;

Every scales ? Just about. More than 160 different scales and modes in every key, nearly 1900 positions.

Pentatonic scale, Egyptian, Ritusen, musical modes, harmonic, melodic, Bartok, Ravel, symetricals, Hirajoshi, Kumoï, locrian pentatonics, Pelog, Prometheus, Scriabin, Piongio, enigmatic, Gypsy, napolitans, indian ragas and more.

In common shapes, on each string, and all over your guitar neck.

Harmony : which scales for which chords ?

Each scale, like every one of its modes, is presented with its relative chords.

You’ll be able to start cooking thanks to these harmonized scales in chords.

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